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Central Subway Employment Opportunities

Select job opportunities with the Central Subway Project and project contractors are advertised here. For information about how to apply to these positions, please visit the Job Programs page.

Date Posted
There are no open positions at this time.    

Positions on the Central Subway Project will be filled by the prime contractors and subcontractors assigned to work directly on the project. The professional service positions that will be created are in the following fields: engineering aids/CAAD operators, administrative support, data entry, surveyors, cost estimators, accounting assistants, project managers, data analysts, document control assistants, construction workers, labor and more.  A partial list of past job postings can be found here.

The City has developed a formula that all contractors are required to follow. The formula defines the amount of trainee positions to be created based on the dollar amount of the contract. This applies to all contracts awarded for the Central Subway Project (i.e. Program Management/Construction Management; Utility Relocation; Design Contracts Nos. 1, 2 and 3; Stations; Tunneling; Track & Systems; etc.).

For further details, please visit the City & County of San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency Small Business Enterprise Program for Professional & Technical ServicesOffsite Link.

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